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Anxiety Anxiety Anxiety Anxiety Anxiety Anxiety Anxiety Anxiety!!!

I’ve talked before about my depression, health conditions and I’ve mentioned my anxiety before but I haven’t dedicated a blog post to what is a big part of my life and that is, you guessed it, anxiety! *Insert clapping*

Anxiety is a tricky thing as it’s different for everyone who gets it and the symptoms that people experience with anxiety will also be different. Sure, anxiety sufferers might experience SIMILAR symptoms but they will never be EXACTLY the same. There are two main types of anxiety that I’m aware of and they are generalised (you get anxious about everything and anything) and social (you get anxious about going outside, seeing people, talking to people ect) anxiety. I have both generalised and social anxiety.

I can’t tell you which is worse as they are both incredibly bad and somedays one will be worse than the other and then other days they’re both at the same level of anxiousness. My anxiety has definitely gotten worse over the years and now I have a hard time leaving the house just to take the rubbish down. When I’m sleeping I have anxious dreams because of my PTSD and when I’m awake I’m sometimes shaking with anxiety doing absolutely nothing, so basically I am just one big ball of anxiety.

I’ll talk about my social anxiety first:
There’s a big difference between being nervous about going somewhere new and being anxious about going somewhere new. Being nervous is normal and a useful human emotion but being anxious takes it past the level of being useful and a good human emotion to being a draining and fearful experience where there is no need at all to be fearful and to act and feel like you’re being chased by a lion about to be eaten!
I’d like people to stop using the term ‘anxiety’ so loosely and about everything when in fact, they are just NERVOUS and or excited NOT anxious.

A lot of my social anxiety revolves around how I think I look because of my weight which makes going out anywhere incredibly hard. I have a hard time going out and eating because I feel like everyone will be looking at me and judging me for eating. I can’t stand crowded places with too many people and loud noises and I have a very hard time talking to people like shop assistants when I’m out.  I have a constant monologue of unhelpful thoughts running through my head the whole time I’m out and some of them are: “That person is looking at you because you’re fat” and “People are looking at you because you’re fat and eating” and “People are looking at your acne and that’s all they’re seeing.” As you can see, those thoughts aren’t nice or helpful and yet no matter how hard I try I can never stop them while I’m out. I’m always fidgeting and looking like I’m going to hurl and I know these thought aren’t rational but in a society where it’s openly known that you’re judged on the way you look, it’s hard not to have those thoughts and it’s even harder when you have no self confidence at all.

My social anxiety really inhibits me from doing a lot of things like going out with my Mum and spending time with her or going out and trying to find some friends. Social anxiety is not fun at all and I hate it, I hate everything about it because we know that it’s not rational to be so scared of seeing and talking to people that you want to cry, throw up and run away (all at the same time I might add) and yet you can’t stop feeling like that. Pushing past all those anxious feelings is really freaking exhausting which is why after I come home after going out anywhere I have to have a nap 😂 Not only is pushing past those anxious feelings to actually go somewhere exhausting but consciously challenging all those anxious and unhelpful thoughts is exhausting as well, it almost feels like a full time job…

And as I right this blog post about anxiety I am starting to get anxiety… how effed up is that?! 🙄

Now I will talk about my generalised anxiety:
Having generalised anxiety means that I am anxious nearly all the time and usually about nothing. I could be sitting on the couch watching TV and feel like I can’t breathe and my heart is racing and yet there’s no reason for me to feel anxious at all. Even when I’m sleeping my dreams are anxiety inducing and so I wake up with anxiety. I always feel like I am in that fight or flight state and that I can never properly relax, I am always on edge and always ready to go go go (even though I have no energy).

Continuously feeling anxious for no reason is hard work. I can sit somewhere quietly and do my breathing exercises or distract myself but I still can’t seem to quit being anxious. Being anxious has become part of who I am now and I hate it. I don’t like feeling anxious all the time about nothing and never being able to relax, I want to be able to sit down and give my body a rest.
I get anxious about making plans for the day, taking the rubbish out, Mum going anywhere and sometimes I get anxious just looking outside my window…

Nearly everything causes me to have anxiety and therefore continuously makes my body react like there’s danger and release that adrenaline and cortisol that your body produces when it’s in danger and yet, there is no danger for me at all. My body and mind are always on high alert and can never get a proper rest unless I take my anti-anxiety medication. I’m not against medication at all but I don’t want to take my anti-anxiety medication everyday just so I can get through the day without having all the feelings of anxiety and the starting symptoms of a panic attack, I want to be able to get and work through my anxiety myself but everything I try just doesn’t work. I have worked with many counsellors and psychologists to try and help me with my anxiety and apart from them all giving me the same techniques to use, they just don’t work. 

My anxiety also makes all my other health conditions worse. When my anxiety is worse it makes my depression worse which then makes my health conditions worse which then makes my anxiety worse and it’s a cycle that I can’t get out of. 

Here’s a little chart I made:

anxiety chart screenshot.png

Living with anxiety is a daily struggle that I have been dealing with for nearly 5 years now and you’d think that I’d get use to it by now but I haven’t, I’m still surprised over the level of my anxiety sometimes and how I can have anxiety for no apparent reason. I will continue to fight it and maybe one day I won’t have it anymore but for now, It’s making my life 1000000x harder and its just another thing that I have to deal with.

Keep safe everyone and know that you are not alone with your anxiety.
Maddy xoxo



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Always, always, always the fat friend!

Growing up I was always a chubby baby, looking back at baby photos I can’t believe how many fat rolls I had on my body! As a toddler I was also pretty chubby and then all through primary school and high school I was fat. I don’t know if fat is the right word to use, but I’m going to use it anyway. In my friendship groups I’ve felt as though I have always been the one who weighed the most. I’ve never seemed to have friends who are my size or bigger than me. All my friends were skinny and I was jealous of them. The main question I want an answer to though is that did my friends treat me different to their other fiends because I was fat? Or because they didn’t like me because I was fat? Or because they didn’t want to be associated with a fat person? I have thought of these questions a million times when I was with them and friends with them. But at the end of the day, did my weight have anything to do with why I ended up with no friends when I left school?
I truly wonder what my friends thought of me and my weight. Did they care that I was the fat one in their group or not? Did they ever feel sorry for me for being the fat one? Or did they honestly not give a s**t? I would love to ask them their thoughts on having a fat friends but I will never get the chance… And that’s ok, because I can speculate on my own and make up my own answers! I would always laugh when my friends (who were skinny btw) would complain about being ‘fat’ or say some ridiculous thing about their body. I understand that everyone has the right to complain about their body and have their opinion, but to me I felt that they were being stupid and insensitive. And then when I would complain about how I felt, they would just say ‘Stop being stupid’, or ‘you’re not fat!’, but then they would immediately go back to fat shaming themselves! When they said I wasn’t fat I get that they were trying to be nice, but all I felt was that they didn’t care how I felt and were just dismissing my feelings.

I never felt confident when I was at school, whether that be primary or high. I was bullied for my weight when I was in primary and high school. I was constantly being called fat and other horrible things that isn’t appropriate for my blog! 😉 I was also bullied for my weight by my horrible step-father, but that is a story for another day!
So as you can see, I’ve always had people pointing out my weight. I hate myself most of the time for how I look and how I feel. I’m trying to loose weight by having a vegan and gluten free diet and trying to go for a walk which is hard considering my health conditions…

Why is it that in todays society if you weigh more than what you ‘should’ you are fat shamed and frowned upon? There are a lot of different reasons as to why someone could be overweight. And yes, some people just eat and do incredibly unhealthy things with their bodies, but thats not my place to judge.
Do you think that if you’re a teenager and weigh more than what society thinks you should you get judged more?

I really wish my weight didn’t pay a massive part in how I feel and how I live my life and also make my depression worse.

Keep safe,

Maddy xoxo